Three New Treasure Hunter Wines

3 Treasure Hunter Wines

Hunter Vogel of Treasure Hunter fame has just released 3 new fantastic wines which are now in our store.

  1. Last Word Cabernet Sauvignon - This Cab is from Columbia Valley, Washington and is quite delicious with aromas of black and blue fruit and sweet earth. You’ll taste black raspberry and Ruby Chocolate that ride high on wings that only the finest French oak can sew with vanillin silk and saffron threads.
  2. Propaganda Cabernet Sauvignon - A wonderful Cab from Napa Valley, California, this has complex aromatics of blackberry liqueur, fresh strawberry, pipe tobacco, and salted caramel.  When it ends up on your tongue, expect mouth-coating flavors of velvety blueberry, cream soda, sage, and roasted chicory.  You have to let this Cab breath for awhile to allow it to open up so you can fully enjoy it.
  3. Safeword Malbec -  This is the first Malbec from Treasure Hunter Wines and we must say it is the best Malbec we have tasted.  He found this one at a prestigious Napa Valley winery, where they were using it to blend with their Cab.  Hunter was so impressed with the quality that he said it needs to stand on its own.  And it does a wonderful job of doing that.  In Hunter's words, " This wine has heaping flavors of blackberries, plum, cola and a sweet and savory component that tastes like meat being smoked over wet cherry wood".