Canned Wines are Back

Canned Wine Stack

Once again, we've been working overtime tasting wine in cans to make sure we only get the best tasting ones for you to take to the beach, pool, on the boat, or packing with you on your hike. We've got more of the favorites from last year but also a couple of new ones that should impress you.

  • Underwood Rosé Bubbles - One of last years favorites. Made from Pinot Noir grapes, this pink wine has the perfect mix of bubbles and flavor
  • Underwood Pinot Noir - The same PInot Noir grapes used in the Bubbles but with full skin contact giving an easy drinking red wine
  • Pampelonne Rosé Lime - A base of French white wine with passion fruit, grapefruit, and kaffir lime
  • Pampelonne French 75 - A base of French white wine with ambrosial elderflower, juniper and meyer lemon
  • Pampelonne Blood Orange Spritz - A base of French white wine with kaffir lime, cinchona bitters, and blood orange.
  • Scarpetta Frico Lambrusco - Lambrusco is the quintessential sparkling aperitivo of the Emilia Romagna area of Italy and a great pre-dinner start to every occasion. This Lambrusco is vibrant and fresh with a kiss of sweetness and a wonderful tart finish.
  • Scarpetta Frico Frizzante - New this year from Italy: a blend of Trebbiano, Glera and Chardonnay with light refreshing bubbles and flavors of crisp green apples and pear