Wine In A Can

Canned Wines

Wine in cans?  You Bet!!!  It's summer so you head to the pool, beach, lake, boat, waterfalls.  Glass containers are out of the question, so what better option than cans.  We like to go to the NC waterfalls and it's nice to have a little wine as we relax.  We have been searching for wines in alternative containers that taste good and gone through about 10 different ones before we found four worthy of our taste buds - and our shelves.  And if you're wondering if you get a "can" taste in the wine - you won't.  Like beer and cider cans, wine cans are lined so the container is neutral to the contents.

Underwood - Sparkling Wine 375 ml

Underwood - Pinot Noir 375 ml

Dancing Coyote - White Blend 250 ml

Alloy Chardonnay - 500 ml

Alloy Everyday Rosé - 500 ml